Mechanical Branch 20,000 gal water tank

It has been  too long since the last post which has been taken up with ironing out a few bugs on the layout and messing around with adjusting  decoders on locomotives Tsunami2 and Loksound V4 for both steam and diesel.

I was given a Mechanical Branch kit of the 20,000 gal water tank for my 70th so before I go completely  insane I thought I had better build it. The instructions were studied along with the data sheet by Greg Edwards also photos of the tank at Telegraph Point which were taken a few years ago. After over 20 years the soldering station packed in so a new Weller was bought from Element 14 and it’s working well.

The stand and tank have been assembled and placed on the layout as is but still needs a few adjustments here and there it is to my eyes nice and square and level. The pipework is next which I will do hopefully next week.

All for now and stay safe.

IMG_3003 (3)


IMG_3000 (2)





Retired 69 year old model railway enthusiast.Likes, NSWGR LNER railways.Music, Mozart Beethoven, Elgar, Beatles, Rolling Stones,Miles Davis and many more.
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5 Responses to Mechanical Branch 20,000 gal water tank

  1. Rob Nesbitt says:

    Inspiring. I also have a kit, and hope to make a start soon. The rings on the cross braces look difficult to get right, do you have any suggestions for someone yet to start? Thanks

    • BURROWA says:

      Hi Rob.
      They way I tackled the rings is as follows.
      First remove them from the etch making sure that they are all flat.
      Then anneal them one at a time on a gas stove as I did or by other means by holding them in fine tweezers the trick is not to apply too much heat otherwise you will melt the fine end. Heat until the brass turns red not too bright then dip it into a bowl of water
      Next bend them around a 2.75mm drill bit shaft until the ends meet inline. I do this to all of them before moving on to the next stage.
      Now using a wooden kebeb stick you will notice one end is tapered to a point,slip a ring down the taper until it stops without moving the ring joint then using Carrs 180 solder and flux just lightly touch where the joint is and the solder should flow nicely remember not much solder is needed.
      A few spares are provided on the etch so if you mess up one or two like I did it will be ok.I hope that helps you ,let me know how you go and any problems just get in touch.
      Regards Peter

  2. Peter Beyer says:

    Happy New Year Peter. Nice Work on the Water Tank Kit there Peter. I will be watching the progress with that one with interest as I’m considering one of those kits potentially for my Tumbarumba Project.

    Kind Regards
    Peter B

  3. Peter Street says:

    Hi Pete. Water tank looks spot on. Great Internal detail. What are your plans for water. The stand looks appropriately spidery. Regards Peter

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