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BERGS CV van weathered

Using the weathering method explained in a previous post here is the CV van almost done

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BERGS CV van in black

I have painted the van black ready for weathering .Etch black primer was used thinned down quite a bit to give a light even coverage and to avoid the orange peel effect and covering detail.The next process is weathering using floquil grime,mud and … Continue reading

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D50 taking a break before returning to work

The D50 at loco is a Mansfield superheated version of the many standard goods loco’s. I have owned this engine for 20 years and it’s running qualities just get better.

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3142 approaches Burrowa with a passenger consisting BS FS EHO.Both FS and BS are old Trax models much modified with Sydney Hobbies interior detail roof vents and rearranged under floor detail running on Steam Era code 88 wheels while the EHO is an … Continue reading

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The yard entrance gate is constructed from an article taken from the Australian Journal of Railway Modelling 6 by Bob Winch with drawings by Kim Armstrong, thanks to AJRM.

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More static grass

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Static grass with Noch grassmaster

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