New module nearing completion

This project is almost finished I have tweaked the static grass by adding a layer here and there as well as the post and rail fencing .Telegraph posts have been added to match the other modules I hope to have the layout at the Rosehill Exhibition in May but we shall have to see what happens with you know what..As I think everyone wants to escape to an exhibition and forget about the world outside.

Here are a few photo’s of the module with Z12 and a short passenger train heading away from the terminus.


Retired 69 year old model railway enthusiast.Likes, NSWGR LNER railways.Music, Mozart Beethoven, Elgar, Beatles, Rolling Stones,Miles Davis and many more.
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2 Responses to New module nearing completion

  1. Still fabulous!

    Something you might want to consider is that grass on the lineside side of a fence tends to be a bit different (higher with more weeds) than the stock side. This is because it doesn’t get grazed.

    Certainly over here, it is quite apparent when you look at a railway and has only really changed in the preservation era where many lines now strim their linside to reduce the risk of fires or the punters getting a face full of bushes as they ride the line!

  2. BURROWA says:

    Hi Mark.
    I hope you are well and thanks for the suggestion. I will certainly look at the the lineside vegetation on this module and the preceding one. I hope to catch up with a visit to the UK when this virus has pretty much gone.
    All the best Peter

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