Welcome to the Burrowa model railway blog. The layout is a NSWGR model railway in HO scale is based on the railway of Boorowa, in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, during the period 1955-64.

Parts of the original track plan have been changed and condensed to fit the limited area available.
Because of this, I have changed the name of the model railway to Burrowa which happens to be the original name for the town in the 1800’s.

The mainline is 23 ft in length. Hand constructed Code 55 Micro Engineering rail is used for  all track with Greg Edwards track template manual for the points.The curved point was constructed in situ with a  36 inch inside radius and a 42 inch outside radius.I did try a tighter radius of 30 inches but some locomotives shorted out on the inner curve. Tortoise point motors are used throughout and are controlled via switches on the console.

The layout was started in April 2008 and has progressed steadily since. The bulk of the  work has been done and just final detailing has to be carried out. The main aim of the layout is to recreate a typical branch terminus of the NSWGR and give me hours of light entertainment and somewhere to run my small collection of models.

Peter Hearsum

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  1. Tom says:

    G’day Peter.
    Impressed with the work on the Berg’s kits, funnily enough I have ones needing to be finished off but I’m torn between finishing them off or spending $$$ on the Austrains ones…..
    Can you email me please , I’d like to talk about the detailing bits used.

    • BURROWA says:

      G’day Tom,
      Thank you for your email regarding the Bergs louvre vans. Although the kits look good when assembled, it is hard to go past the new generation of rtr from various manufacturers. I have some of the new CW and GSV wagons and they are superb. However if you still wanted to assemble kits I will email a list but the items are listed on the blog unless you need confirmation on something. Maybe an idea for the Bergs LV is to use it as a grounded body/store in a goods yard.
      Once again thanks for the interest,all the best Peter
      PS I tried to email this to you but it came back for some reason!

      • Tom says:

        G’day Peter,
        try tompall5096@gmail.com

        What interested me was the brass brake rigging/yoke casting that ties the brake shoes together; I’ve never seen that before, only ones made out of wire.

        If you could email me the list please, that’d be really appreciated.



      • BURROWA says:

        The list of parts is as follows.
        Krystal Castings buffers
        Ian Lindsay Models W Irons with pinpoint bearings for wheel sets
        Bergs axle boxes and springs thinned down with the WIron removed
        158 Kadee couplers
        12 thou brass wire for end handrails
        15 thou brass wire for brake hangers
        Ian Lindsay Models brake shoes
        Steam Era wheels rp25 code 88 spoked 23.8 axle length
        Grantline bolts for bolt detail on roof
        D&S Kits brake yoke etchings are from England.These may not be available now,but have a look on UK detail modelling websites
        Mainly Trains might be able to help with brake yoke etchings

        I hope this is of some help to you let me know how you go.All the best Peter

  2. Colin Hussey says:

    Hi Peter

    Would you mind giving me some details in regard to your 60ft TT please, after watching the video of it turning it looked good. As I am going to need one myself I am quite interested in seeing the various ones actually working,

    Colin Hussey

  3. BURROWA says:

    Hi Colin.Thank you for your comment.The 60ft turntable is the Sellars type which I think is the most common.The bridge is from Sydney Hobbies 16 years ago and good friend Richard Grace built the mechanism.How it is built only he knows. AM Models make the sides in brass but you will need to build the rest of it yourself.An article in the AMRM issue126 vol11 number 9 June 1984 covers this version.However Antons Trains make a ready to go version of it along with the type situated at Merriwa. The only other one I know about is one from Bruce Aggrig but whether they are still available I’m not sure.I hope that info helps you out.

    All the best

  4. Colin Hussey says:

    Thanks Peter & much appreciated.

    The Sellers type is what I am after, & have been considering Antons version but there are some who report problems with them, so I am trying to look at options. Is Bruce Aggrig from Moss Vale as I understand there was someone there who used to make them but no longer available.

    I understand that the problem with Antons has much to do with the Mechanisom which seems to plaque several of the TT’s.

    The name Richard Grace rings a bell with me, did he work on the Railways at some time, as there was a fellow by that name in Newcastle that I remember during the 80’s.

    I appreciate the work you are doing, & knew a few of the old drivers from Harden who worked the line.

    • BURROWA says:

      Colin.I can put you in touch with Richard if you like .He lives in Sydney but is not the same one you know of.His TT was not cheap but it works very well.If you get up to Port Stephens you could drop in and have a look and see.His email is rgrace@hotkey.net.au Regards Peter

  5. Colin Hussey says:

    Many thanks & I appreciate it. I think the primary aspect in anything these days is to have something that actually works, & worth paying for them.



  6. Lyndon Summers says:

    Hi Peter.
    The layout looks amazing. Is it an exhibition layout or fixed on the home?

    • BURROWA says:

      Hi Lyndon. Thank you for your kind comments. Although built for the home it is completely transportable. It is built using 1800mm X 600mm aluminium modules and can be operated by DC or DCC. Peter

  7. Hi Peter,
    Just wanting to make contact, so I can ask a question or two.
    Email is pjruges@gmail.com
    Peter R

  8. Ian says:


    Nice to talk to you the other day in Frontline Hobbies. Your build is superb and I love how effectively you have represented the terrain of the area.



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