On an expedition of discovery an Andian BLV, which was bought in 2012 at the Armidale Convention,was found just about 80% finished, yes in a box. So here goes with the new camera.A bit more detail to the underfloor and a decal then it’s done.





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Trying out a new camera



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I have never been happy with the roof on this model maybe I’m picky but it just didn’t look right. After thinking about it for quite sometime I thought I would experiment with 10 mm wide yellow Tamiya masking tape it is sold with a dispenser. To begin with remove the roof vents with care they are a press fit so be aware and put them in a safe place  next cut the tape 45mm in length then narrow it by .5mm to 9.5mm with a scalpel on a gloss surface like a mirror or tile, that will be just right to stick it between the raised cross section. After sticking the masking tape in place make sure the tape is pressed in along the roof gutter then by using a scalpel carefully trim the excess tape and repeat the process until you are happy with the result, like me it may take 2 or 3 goes to get right.

After you are happy with the result with care replace the roof vents,mask the van sides and both ends then prime the entire roof black and weather to your liking







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I have been meaning to update the site with the SDS SHG for some time so here it is, another excellent model from SDS that runs well with the level of detail it has been well worth the wait. All that needed doing was to weather it as described in a previous post. The only thing I changed was to use 8BA bolts for the bogies, over kill maybe but it’s just something I do. After watching Ian Millard weather his rolling stock at the recent Liverpool exhibition I thought I would give his method a go using Diggers isopropyl alcohol with pastel chalks . The alcohol has many more uses such as cleaning track and rolling stock wheels etc. So next time Ian is at an exhibition demonstrating his method of weathering spend some time  watching and always ask questions.

Apart from adding the SHG to the roster of guards vans not much has been happening at Burrowa. As a footnote my brother in law bought an Ixion Models 32 class with 6 wheel tender and brought it up the weekend before last to give it a run and straight out of the box it ran quietly and smoothly in either direction at all speeds  and had no trouble hauling PHG,FL, 4 S,3 CW,1 BWH,1 PV,1 LV and 2 K. I eagerly await the EHO from SDS.                                                                                     That’s all for now.







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At last the new station is 95% finished so it can be placed on the platform. Just the down pipes, chimney pots and canopies to the rear windows to complete.

The other updated building is the goods shed has been turned around and a new platform has been made. Doing this took a lot longer than anticipated with an entire rebuild of the office end, according to photos this is how the prototype was.

Passengers have turned up early to catch  the train but will have to wait while 30T 3091 goes about its business shunting a few wagons to make up the consist. 




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Travellin’ Light

3142 has failed at the terminus so 3036, being the only available  loco, has been dispatched  to assist 3142 and its consist back to the main line.





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After a couple of weeks a bit more progress has been made with attention to the roof which was built as described when constructing the Station Masters House.This time an awning had to be taken into consideration. I think it worked out ok so far. The awning will be adjusted to fit and then glued in place with barge boards and trim attached after. In a few areas the  paintwork will need to be looked at but I will take care of that later.

While this project has been taking place I have redone the goods shed area so it ties in with a photo of this location which was discovered recently, more on that later. Sometimes information comes to light years after the model has been completed oh well that’s half the fun I keep telling myself. All  for now and it’s off to the Epping Model Railway Club Exhibition at Thornleigh this long weekend.

DSCF4097  DSCF4098





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