After the excitement of Christmas, New Year, Australia Day and the cricket I thought I had better do something on the layout. So re-landscaping where the J3 will go needed to be done with the removal of the stumps of the J2  was the first thing to go then planning where the stumps of the new building was next. With all that taken care of patience was needed when drilling and gluing the new stumps in place. I used 3mm dowel cut to a common length staining with Woodlands Scenics 1210 grey thinned with methylated spirits then when dry carefully glued in place making sure that the building would be level when completed. Waiting for the stumps to set, making the water tank platforms and putting them in place was next, after a couple of days everything had set level. The white styrene steps and paving will be painted later on.

Meanwhile attention was turned to the J3 itself, plodding on with putting the corrugated iron on the roof, it took quite a while. In the past I have used Selleys Acrylic Kwik Grip but after experimenting with Weldbond which is also water based and available in a 60ml bottle for around $6.00 from a hardware store,  I found that this works better for me as it is easier to clean up. There are a number of ways an iron roof can be modelled, the last two photos are of the method I have adopted by overlapping the sheets by one or two corrugations and is used for all of the buildings on Burrowa.

Hopefully in the next post the building will be in place and the S M’s wife has done the garden. Now back to running a train.






Retired 69 year old model railway enthusiast.Likes, NSWGR LNER railways.Music, Mozart Beethoven, Elgar, Beatles, Rolling Stones,Miles Davis and many more.
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  1. Rob Nisbet says:

    Have started using Wellbond a few months ago and find it so good for so many different modelling jobs. Beaut stuff.

  2. Daryl Blake says:

    I imagine you can get it at Bunnings?

  3. Geoff Burns says:

    Peter, great work, as always. I’ve had great success using rapi-bond by simply glues. He’s normally around at train shows, but some hobby shops have it as well. It is a fast drying white glue that i’ve found forms a great bond with the corro iron.

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