Well at last, my son brought the long awaited 48 class up on Tuesday. Is it worth the wait?Yes, I think so, straight out of the box it runs very smoothly. I did change the couplers to  scale head whiskers but that’s all apart from weathering.

I would like to wish all the people who have viewed this site over the past year a merry Christmas, a happy new year, happy hogmanay  and above all happy modelling.

DSCF2373 (1280x960)

DSCF2364 (1280x960)

DSCF2370 (1280x960)

DSCF2367 (1280x932)




Retired 69 year old model railway enthusiast.Likes, NSWGR LNER railways.Music, Mozart Beethoven, Elgar, Beatles, Rolling Stones,Miles Davis and many more.
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7 Responses to TRAINORAMA MODELS NSWGR 48 class

  1. That’s a lovely looking Model, Pete. Hope you’ve had a great Christmas.

  2. Peter Steel says:

    G’day, Pete
    Very née but the sheep seemed spooked by this new form of motive power.
    Maybe you need a couple of border collies.
    Happy New Year

  3. I imagine these beasts sounded as good as they looked. Classy paint job. Pretty much the same style as SAR and NS before the Dutch went to yellow and grey!

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