Various livestock wagons have been released over the past year or so and most of them have been covered in a previous post. However, after the release of the SDS BCW I must say I am impressed with this model above the others CV, CW, GSV and BSV because the timber sides DO NOT have an imitation wood grain effect, which in my view spoils the wagon. So well done SDS in getting a wagon to look right in HO scale. The only changes made were AM Models buffers and SEM code 88 wheels were used. I hope future releases from SDS Models continue to be of this high standard.

Image Image



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6 Responses to THE SDS MODELS BCW

  1. Craig W says:

    Have to say I totally agree with you. The timber effect on the other livestock wagons is totally overdone and ruins the appearance of them. They are lovely scale models and then they have this detail overstated in the name of “character”. The appearance of the SDS models shows what the result could have been for all the other wagons.

  2. Colin Hussey says:

    A nice job of weathering you wagons, especially as they have not been overdone & certainly much more realistic from my perspective.

    Unfortunately these are a bit too modern for the era I model but can definitely agree with you in regard to the timber detail on the others, amazing how similar the timber affect is on models from different companies, but using the same factory.

    What most do not realise, or perhaps know is that when the BCW wagons were constructed they were with milled & finished timbers of at least the DAR standard with smooth facing, it was meant to help protect the stock being injured during transit. The timber actually took a long time to weather & for the grain to open.

    Keep up the nice work.

    • BURROWA says:

      Hi Colin.I know what you mean this wagon is probably the latest piece of rolling stock. I have I wasn’t going to get one but a mate twisted my arm ,not too much mind, to go thirds in a box it’s a real pain when a person only wants one of something or has a small layout.Anyhow enough whinging, thanks again Regards Peter.

  3. That’s a lovely model, finished to a tee. I love the style of Australian vehicles in this period – half way between the Old and New Worlds in concept! 🙂

    • BURROWA says:

      Thanks for the comment.It’s good to get some positive encouragement not that I need much. After all observing others is a bonus when you can take stuff on board. A few weeks ago the latest Gordon Gravatt book arrived and a mine of information with different techniques to adapt put into practice.I look forward to your next post on your site.Peter

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