The first guards van is a Trainorama rebuilt PHG  I just had to change the wheels to Steam Era code 88’s a bit of weathering and it went straight into service .Next is an Ian Lindsay Models LHG kit of some years ago with 2AD white metal bogies with Ian Lindsay brake shoes and code 88 wheels.After the LHG is a modified Trax MHG with narrowed  AR bogies to run on 23.8mm Steam Era code 88 disc wheels sets. Last but not least is a PHG from AM Models of some years ago again with 2AA white metal bogies with Ian Lindsay brake shoes on 23.8 Steam Era Models code 88 wheels. That sums up the roster of guards vans on the layout.



Retired 69 year old model railway enthusiast.Likes, NSWGR LNER railways.Music, Mozart Beethoven, Elgar, Beatles, Rolling Stones,Miles Davis and many more.
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3 Responses to GUARDS VANS

  1. Lindsay Lucas says:

    Hi “BURROWA”. Am I correct in the belief that the TRAX MHG’s had the positions of the door and 4th louvre panels transposed on one side? I seem to recall this was a criticism of the model when released. I had four of them (sold three years ago), and am thinking about detailing one.

    • BURROWA says:

      Hi Lindsay.
      The door and louvre panel have been transposed on the MHG. However there is a casting available from Ian Lindsay Models check with him to see if he still has them and thanks for your interest in the site.Peter

      • Lindsay says:

        Thanks Peter. Seems our modelling interests are similar. My planned layout will be a fictional cross – country line from Coota to Parkes via the Weddin Mountains, basically parallel to, and west of, the Cowra line. Late 50s, mid 60s. A few years if rollingstick building ahead if me,before starting on the layout itself.
        Cheers, Lindsay

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