Burrowa Trackplan


Retired 69 year old model railway enthusiast.Likes, NSWGR LNER railways.Music, Mozart Beethoven, Elgar, Beatles, Rolling Stones,Miles Davis and many more.
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4 Responses to Burrowa Trackplan

  1. oscar says:

    whats the dimension of your layout cheers oscar

    • BURROWA says:

      G’day Oscar.
      The layout is L shaped and is made up of 3 1.8 mtr modules. 2 on the station side with an extension of 600 mm and a corner module of 1.5 x 1.5 mtrs at 90 degrees with a depth of 760 mm.I hope that helps you.Peter

  2. Adrian batey says:

    Really like your modelling. Found this while looking at branch lines.
    I recently made the decision to put all my hon3 logging equipment away and look for a nsw prototype. I’m looking at bombala on the cooma monaro line as a place to model. Having trouble condensing the over all plan of the layout into smaller shorter modules. I want to look at the era when the 48 class was running on the line. Anyway keep up the fantastic modelling because it inspired me to dive in again

    • BURROWA says:

      Thank you for your comment. Bombala is a good terminus to model as all of the buildings are available in kit form.
      I did find that condensing is the only way to go I found that basing the sidings / loops on the length of train you want to operate is a good guide.Try not to cram too much in is my advice in the way of non-railway structures anyway good luck with your project. Regards Peter

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